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My story of Techno!I made my first contact with electronic music at the age of 11. At a local trade fair I bought a Double CD going by the name of TECHNO-RAVE! At first this didn't ring a bell at all. When I came home and finally listened to it my true love for music was born. I visited my first party when I was 13 years old. It was one of the legendary "GAMMA" partys in my hometown Plauen and soon after I visited Techno partys every weekend (clubs like Achter Mai, Muna, Küche Zeitz, Straße-E usw.) because the east of Germany was experiencing a Techno boom. My first vinyls I bought at the age of 15 and instantly started mixing.Only two years later I had my first gig in a small club called Kaiserlounge. I was fucken bad! Nevertheless I got further gigs not only in Plauen but whole of Saxonia later on as well as Thuringia. At the same time I got my hands on a cheap Roland 707, got me some software and started producing right away. Quite fast me and also my friends noticed that my sounds had been good and that I really had some talent. So I changed over to doing more and more Live Acts at Greiz, Triebwerk Dresden, Eger, Karlovyvari, Plauen and ErfurtMy last big party was 2006 at the Triebwerk: LIVE STYLES ....Woody McBride, Ascon Bates, TalecTwist.... and others.In the meantime I had a few releases on Ason Bates´ label HRA and he also was the one who founded MINDJACKIN rec. lateron, which led to me together with Ascon Bates and two friends producing my first vinyl release in 2006, "The Freaks Come Out" on MINDJACKIN rec. Half a year later a close friend of mine died, my girlfriend dumped me and I while I tried to flee from my sorrows I ended up in a drug-crash. From 2007 to 2010 I needed a break to restrenghten and since fall 2010 I'm producing and mixing again... because I'm deeply in love with Techno!And it was the right decision. My heart beats for jackin', bangin', poundin', wonky Techno and Acid. The only true music for me.
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